Interactively organize your Ideas into Groups.
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Affinity Diagrams are used to sort large number of ideas or concepts into logical groupings. A grouping can then be expressed as a single clear concept that communicates a common theme among the many ideas and concepts.


  • Interactively create Ideas and Groups
  • Define problem statement
  • Move ideas into and among groups
  • Delete and copy ideas
  • Expand or collapse groups individually or all together
  • NEW - Consolidate multiple Affinity worksheets by selecting Groups and Ideas from other Affinity worksheets to Import into a common Affinity worksheet


The Triptych Affinity Diagram Worksheet is useful for:
  • Capturing thoughts in large groups / brainstorming
  • Organizing large amounts of information
  • Identify customers' demands, requirements, needs, or wants (Whats) for a QFD House of Quality
  • Summarizing performance characteristics or ideas that describe how the customers' needs (Whats) are going to be satisfied (Hows)
  • Creating design options for comparing again design criteria


  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365
  • WARNING: SDI Tools does not support these versions of Office 365 (Office from Microsoft Store, Office Online, Office for Mac, Office for iOS)
  • Administrator rights required to install software


  • Import Groups and Ideas from other Triptych Affinity worksheets in open workbooks.
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  • Custom formatting is available for each Idea, Group, and Problem Statement


  • Customize Idea, Group, and Problem Statement sizes.
  • Quickly search for text in all Problem Statements, Groups, and Ideas and go to them on the worksheet.
  • Move Ideas to Groups


This video shows Affinity Diagram using SDI Tools v3 in action. We will be updating this video to reflect changes to SDI Tools v4 soon.

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SDI Tools 4.13.2 is available