We create Advanced Statistical Methods and Tools for Product Design

We create Advanced Statistical Methods and Tools for Product Design

Improve your development with our tools and methods



SDI's objective is to support product development organizations in their quest to produce high-quality products as cost-effectively as possible in a timely manner. The training that we offer is based on two key objectives. The first objective of a session is to provide comprehensive training to the engineers who will be functioning in Systems engineer, lead engineer, design engineer or Six Sigma/DFSS (GB, BB, MBB) leadership roles. Second, the sessions serve as technical problem solving sessions -- just-in-time (JIT) training for cross-functional teams at the beginning of a new program or program phase.


  • Introduction and Basics of Systems Engineering, DFSS, Six Sigma for Engineering, and Design Engineering
  • Requirements, Key Characteristics, and TPM using Affinity Diagrams, Kano Analysis, QFD, TRIZ, and Decision Analysis Tools (Pugh, TOPSIS, and SDI Method)
  • Statistics, Analysis, and Exercises
  • Sensitivity Analysis Method and Exercises
  • Monte Carlo Method, Tools, and Exercises
  • The Role of Models, Regression Analysis, and DOE in Product Development
  • Statistical Tolerance Allocation Method, Tools, and Exercises
  • Multi-Objective Optimization Method, Tools, and Exercises
  • Systems Engineer/DFSS Project Discussion


  • Systems Engineers, Lead Engineers, Design Engineers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts


  • Working Knowledge of Product Development Concepts
  • Systems Engineering/ DFSS Tool Experience
  • Statistical Analysis Skills
  • Statistical Design Methods in Engineering Application Experience
  • Applying Statistical Design Methods/DFSS in a Product/Systems Engineering Environment


SDI’s training and tools have be developed to support a broad range of experience and expertise. Basic knowledge and experience in the following areas is often beneficial:

  • Engineering and Product Development Processes
  • Basic Statistics
  • Microsoft Excel Fundamentals
  • Six Sigma Concepts


  • Training Manual
  • SDI Tools software

SDI Tools 4.12.0 is available

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